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Stop eating your emotions & Create financial prosperity

Emotional Eating and lack of money,

What do they have in common?

They both elicit similar emotions, traumas and triggers. Shame, fear, fear of being seen, fear of not being seen, self-sabotage, to name a few. Your subconscious beliefs are holding you back from having a better relationship with food and money.

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"Tapping with Nancy has enabled some profound shifts in my money mindset. I feel more at ease and empowered around money and my business after having worked with Nancy. She has a gift in finding precisely the beliefs that held me back and supported their transformation. I highly recommend Nancy to anyone wanting to be more relaxed and empowered around money."
Anna L
"WOW! After just one session with Nancy I can't believe it! I have loved peanut butter since I was a kid...I could not have it in the house or I would get up in the middle of the night and eat spoonfuls. I would often finish an entire 2 kg jar of peanut butter in under a week. After one short session with Nancy, I feel like I can take or leave it. Unbelievable! I can finally have peanut butter in the house for my kids and I am not interested in the least!"
Shauna J

i’ll help you figure out what’s blocking you from stopping your emotional eating while you learn to eat with freedom and joy.

How do you feel when you think about your finances – do you contract or expand? Let me guide you on your journey that will help you release your money blocks.

I will assist in unveiling and releasing what may be standing in the way of your wellness.

Using EFT tools, I will help you on your healing journey to learn how you needed to be parented, to allow you to flourish in your mindful mothering journey.

"Nancy helped me uncover subconscious beliefs that I never knew I held. With her support I was able to face, work through, and let go of deeply held shame and anger. I’m tremendously appreciative of the work that Nancy did with me, for the space she held for me, for her empathy and insight. This experience has changed my life. Her support helped me grow, and its effects continue through my daily life, and I’m incredibly grateful for the transformation."
Amy S
New York
"No words. I have been working with Nancy for just a few weeks and every session feels like incredible progress. We go through topics where I don’t even feel like I have blocks, only to realize how much I am holding myself back. After every session I feel a strong sense of clarity and courage to go chase my wildest dreams. And don’t get me started on quitting smoking… she is a miracle worker! I have never experienced such a shift with such a short amount of time. I have already started recommending her to all my friends."
Madison V

Releasing your subconscious beliefs will:

When working with Nancy, we will: